Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Old vs New

Greetings. Been while since I last posted. Between classwork and becoming a streamer at our affiliates Casualbros, I've not been writing much, and I apologize for that. However my streams did bring up a good topic to expand on because of what I had been streaming.

That of which. is old games.

I've been streaming several old games. From my ongoing Silent Hill series, to a heavily modded Oblivion, to even NES games, And it begs the question as well as its been asked once or twice "why not something more recent?"

Why not indeed. Its going to sound extremely "googles" for me to say some of these things but I am going to anyway. Its because these games never feel like a chore to play. These old games. cause they are complete and untainted, its never wearing on my conscious if I should be enjoying them. Modern games I truly feel guilty any time I find any enjoyment in them, cause what they are vessels for, usually the latest scam attempting to become market commonplace. Its a moral conflict as an adult,  "do I just blindly accept these horrible changes and mindlessly enjoy the games like so many do? Or do I try to change things for the better and try to stop these scam vessels from gaining ground?" and it depresses me to think how we got here. Because with games of old I didn't have to make this choice. The games were just "games" as it should be.

So it comes to no surprise that I go back to old games and modding old games to keep them fresh rather than play new. I know this is becoming very tired/blue in the face on this blog, but the thing stopping modern game from being good is the fact is their modern games. Those AAA+ 4star "Brollywood" production budgets that deem the game a failure if it didn't sell over 5 million games, everything wrong with gaming today. I personally long for the day gaming leaves the mainstream eye again, but that will likely never happen, or at least not without some massive changes.

Regardless I sit back in my chair, much like a angry grandfather in his rocker, and reminisce about times of old. However its not all negative, amazingly from my streams I've found many support my views about the direction the market is going, gives me some hope. And if you ever wish to join these discussions first hand. be sure to visit sometimes.

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