Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cold Hearted Consumers

According to this article, the Playstation NetNotwork being down is costing Capcom millions of dollars in revenue. Many, of course, couldn't care less, and this is a problem I feel needs addressing. After all, Capcom are pioneers in the gaming industry, bringing us classics such as the Street Fighter series, the Megaman series, the Devil May Cry series, the Resident Evil series and many more. Yet so many are speaking out with cruel tongue and saying that Capcom deserves their loss, that Capcom needs to learn a lesson, and perhaps they wouldn't be losing money if they actually sold complete games on disc!

How cruel and cold hearted we can be as educated consumers...

A company that has given it's fanbase so much has earned the right to sell half a game on disc, and withhold the rest as DLC! A company that has pioneered so much has earned the right to sell hundreds of dollars worth of disc locked content! Don't you people understand this?! Depriving such a company of it's rightful nickel and dimed content is criminal! Just think... some poor Capcom executive's child, right now... would be in tears as his parent returns home to break the sad, sordid news; He will only receive one solid gold jewel encrusted iPhone this year as opposed to the two he was promised. Yet elsewhere, another poor Capcom executive would be sitting around the dinner table in their immense, palatial mansion on some private luxury island somewhere, breaking the horrible news to his family; Their annual million dollar end of year trip to the Moon has just been cancelled as they can no longer afford it, and instead they must make do with a common location such as Las Vegas, or the Bahamas.

Just think... Families could be ruined! Childhoods destroyed! Imagine the families being forced to wear the same clothes for more than a day! The humanity... the sheer humanity of it... And yes, all this can come about because us cruel, callous, uncaring, unfeeling consumers have the gall, the nerve to refuse to purchase disc locked content.

Indeed, how DARE we, as dirty, filthy, common peasant consumers, demand that the likes of Capcom, an entity so large and majestic they should be worshipped as the Gods themselves... sell us COMPLETE GAMES on disc?! HOW DARE WE?! Furthermore... how dare we REFUSE to pay for the annual rehash of the same product from last year that could, and should, have been released as a proper DLC addon to a title, such as Super Street Fighter IV to vanilla Street Fighter IV... How dare we REFUSE to pay for it as if it were a new and original title?!

Our crimes as the cold and unfeeling consumers we are run deep, my friends... We have also rejected, and refused to believe that DLC content such as Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath in Marvel vs Capcom 3 is actually real unfinished DLC at the time of launch, and that it wasn't disc locked content. In the face of our God, our Creator... we have shown the most blase and base mistrust. Such a crime alone is enough to damn us for life... Yet our crimes continue! They continue!


So please, have a heart, and open your wallet to Capcom. The next time you see that costume pack on sale for 30% off. Refuse the temptation, and INSIST that you buy it at FULL price, lest you deny some poor executive's child somewhere their rightful, silver-spooned childhood. We must remember that our place as dirty, filthy peasant consumers is simply to accept, with gratefulness and thanks, what Capcom deign fit to serve us. Remember, 40% of a game on disc is a PRIVILEGE, not a right!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama's Dead

So! Osama Bin Laden is dead.  All I can really say to that is after all these years of hiding, whoda thunk he'd have used his real info on PSN?

Not that it matters, they probably rolled a new Osama by now. Though one does wonder if they rolled Alliance this time. 10 years of playing Horde has got to suck after a while.

Oh, and this time, don't pick a server with permadeath. That shit just isn't cool.

PS: Just had a thought... whatever happened to using 7 proxies too?